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Are Americans Skimping on Dental Care?

Are You Avoiding the Dentist? The numbers are in, and unfortunately, Americans just don’t visit the dentist as much as they should. In fact, one out of three Americans simply didn’t visit the dentist last year. While this comes as no surprise to any of us, one study decided to uncover the factors that lead […]

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Dental Bonding Facts

Dental Bonding in Fairfield, CT When it comes to dental work and procedures, dental bonding is usually forgotten about or is even an unknown procedure to many patients. Dental Professionals utilize this extremely versatile process to enhance many patients’ smiles. Dental bonding is similar to veneers in that they can hide problems such as chipped, […]

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Straighten Teeth without Braces

Is it possible to straighten teeth without braces? Absolutely, yes! Invisalign answers this need as it offers an excellent way to straighten the teeth without having metal wires and brackets in your mouth. While orthodontic braces have been proven to be effective, they are uncomfortable in the mouth and are greatly noticeable; thus, affecting the […]

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Are Dental Implants Better Than Natural Teeth?

Dental implants have taken the world of dentistry by storm. They quickly replaced removable prosthetics such as dentures as the ideal procedure for tooth replacement. When patients opt for dental implants they often choose the procedure for its cosmetic benefits. There’s no denying that dental implants will fully restore, if not improve, the appearance of […]

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Invisalign: A Straight Smile Affects How Others See You

Invisalign in Fairfield, CT We all know that your smile is one of the first things that people notice about us. But did you know that the appearance of your smile affects even the way that people see us? According to a recent survey, the appearance of our smile can lead people to think certain […]

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Athletic Mouthguards: Avoiding Dental Injuries in Sports

Athletic Mouthguards in Fairfield, CT If your kids play a sport you are probably no stranger to injuries. Whether its basketball, soccer or football- any sport has the potential to put your child in harm’s way at one point or another. And yet, denying them the chance to participate in a sport would not only […]

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Porcelain Veneers: Get Your Money’s Worth Out of Your Smile

For many of us, smiling is an insignificant and very underestimated daily action. We often smile, or don’t smile, without realizing the handful of benefits that come along with it. It’s safe to say that people who smile more are happier, healthier and more successful. However, people always smile more when they are confident in […]

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Gum Disease Therapy: Children Get Gum Disease Too

While we automatically think of periodontal disease as an ailment reserved for adults and elderly, it is important to remember that children can suffer from gum disease as well. In fact, gum disease in children can be more dangerous because parents and caretakers often ignore symptoms thinking that they can “bounce back” from unhealthy gums. […]

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Where Did Dental Implants Come From?

Did you know that two out of three Americans have at least one missing tooth? As we grow older, our oral health becomes more vulnerable and factors such as periodontal disease can easily cause tooth loss. Dentures were traditionally the tooth replacement option of choice but dental implants have taken over in the past 30 […]

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Experience Dental Fear? Get Over it With Sedation Dentistry

From the drills, sounds, smells and scary equipment, what’s not to fear in a dentist office? A trip to the dentist can be so scary for some patients that they choose to skip it altogether and let their oral health suffer. While we understand that many Americans have a legit fear of the dentist, we […]

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