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Are Americans Skimping on Dental Care?

Posted on: Sunday, June 15th, 2014

Are You Avoiding the Dentist?

The numbers are in, and unfortunately, Americans just don’t visit the dentist as much as they should. In fact, one out of three Americans simply didn’t visit the dentist last year. While this comes as no surprise to any of us, one study decided to uncover the factors that lead us to visit the dentist or avoid them.

Over 178,000 Americans were interviewed in this survey and it seems that age, income and gender are several factors that determine whether we step foot into the dentist office on a regular basis or not. For example, according to the results, women were more likely than men to visit the dentist. Also, higher income meant higher chances of seeing a dentist- people who made more than $120,000 annually were twice as likely to see the dentist than people who made $12,000. Interestingly, when compared to a similar study in 2008, senior citizens have increased their dental visits while people aged 30 to 44 decreased the amount of times that they sought dental care than they did in 2008.

A person’s relationship status can also influence their likelihood of visiting the dentist! A person who is married visits the dentist more often than people who are single and someone who is separated is the least likely of all to visit the dentist.

While dentist appointments may seem to be less important than a check-up at the general doctor’s office, your oral health should not be ignored. When your oral health falls to the wayside, this affects your overall health. In fact, periodontal disease, the most common oral problem, can lead to heart problems, stroke, diabetes and even cancer.

In order to keep your oral health at its optimal level, you should visit your dentist 1 to 2 times a year- sometimes more depending on your needs. At Fairfield Smiles By Design, we make it easy for you to work dental visits into your schedule. We provide convenient appointment times for you and we provide gentle and reliable dentistry for our patients. For more information on our services or to schedule your appointment simply call us today at (203) 763-4000.