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Why Use Athletic Mouthguards?

If you or your child play sports, you know the dedication and effort it takes to be successful. Too often, though, injuries can prevent success and kill dreams. This can be especially true when proper protection is not used during sports related activities. Make sure that your child is protected with athletic mouthguards at Fairfield […]

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TMJ Disorder: Don’t Lose Sleep Over it!

At Fairfield Smiles by Design, we are experienced in helping patients who are suffering from TMJ Disorder (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder). These patients often endure many negative side effects such as headaches, tension and joint deterioration. However, one important side effect can be extremely dangerous- loss of sleep. For patients with TMJ Disorder, the pain can […]

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Two Tips For Picking Toothpaste

Brushing your teeth is an important activity for your oral health. Of all the things that you can do to improve the health of your teeth, brushing is the most frequent. That’s why it is extremely important to choose the toothpaste that will benefit you the most. It is important to realize that no two […]

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Are Dental X-rays Dangerous for a Pregnant Woman?

When you are pregnant you exert a lot of energy learning how to protect the health of your baby. Many pregnant couples spend a lot of money on books and classes to ensure that they never put their baby’s health at risk. With so much information on the subject, it can be overwhelming. In terms […]

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What is a Sprained Tooth?

When our patients experience a sharp pain in one tooth they often come in thinking they have a toothache caused by decay. However, there is another surprising culprit: a sprained tooth. That’s right, just like you can sprain an ankle, you can also sprain a tooth. While it is commonly mistaken for a toothache, a […]

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Teeth Whitening: Your (After) New Years Resolution

It’s January and the New Year is here. For many Americans, this means they are one month closer to achieving their New Years resolutions. However, many Americans find themselves entering the New Year without having made a single goal to work towards in 2014. If this is you, we say that there’s no time better […]

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Combat Dental Phobia with Sedation Dentistry

People go to great lengths to avoid the things that scare them. For example, people who are scared of social interaction will avoid parties, and people who have a fear of open water will probably avoid boats at all costs. So, when we have patients who suffer from dental anxiety, it’s safe to say that […]

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Want a Date? Get Invisalign

If you’re dating life is in a slump, you may try to improve certain aspects of your life. For example, many singles spend money on clothes, make up or even a car to impress and attract others? However, most people don’t realize how important a straight smile is when meeting potential partners. Fortunately, we make […]

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Put an End to Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Do people complain about your loud snores? Or do you find yourself gasping for breath in the middle of the night? If you experience either of these two symptoms, chances are high that you have the sleeping disorder known as sleep apnea. This condition is characterized by breathing lapses for several seconds to minutes while […]

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The Top 5 Don’ts of Hiring from your Dentist in Fairfield, CT

You have the skills necessary to become the best dentist in town and have acquired all the essential equipment. Next on your list is hiring the best team for your dental practice. Hiring effective and efficient people offers a myriad of benefits, such as reducing employee-related stress, a decrease in staff turnover, and lesser expenses […]

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