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Dentures & Partials Make Smiles Look Great

Dentures & Partials are removable dental appliances for the replacement of missing teeth. They’ve been used for many years to replace teeth that have been lost partially or completely. Full or complete dentures can replace all missing teeth. Partial dentures, on the other hand, are used to replace several lost teeth. Both have worked well […]

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Porcelain Veneers – The Answer to Your Cosmetic Problems

If you’re bothered by imperfect teeth and want this dental problem corrected, porcelain veneers can effectively address a wide range of cosmetic concerns about the teeth. We, at Fairfield Smiles by Design, have performed this treatment a great number of times, yet we’re still amazed at how the treatment transforms smiles for the better. Our […]

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Invisalign – Clear, Comfy and Convenient

Invisalign is a patented orthodontic treatment known for its three C’s: Clarity, comfort, and convenience. It is very different from what we’ve become accustomed to, when it comes to straightening the teeth. Instead of making use of metal wires and brackets, Invisalign therapy involves a set of clear, plastic, removable aligners. These aligners are worn […]

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Prosthodontics – The Answer to a Wide Range of Dental Problems

Teeth are always prone to damage. Tooth decay, missing teeth, discolored teeth, and many more dental problems can make your oral health and smile suffer greatly. If dental problems concern you, don’t fret. Prosthodontics is a field of dentistry, designed to solve many of your dental dilemmas. Prosthodontists are dental specialists trained in the reconstruction […]

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Give Cosmetic Dentistry a Shot

It feels great to look your best! This can be achieved with a stylish outfit, a new hairdo, and a smile makeover at your dentist. Cosmetic dentistry can create a look that transforms your overall appearance. Make your smile your best accessory. Give cosmetic dentistry a try and see how it gives you a whole […]

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Invisalign Teen – What Teenagers Are Smiling About

Orthodontic treatment for teenagers has become easy, convenient, and comfortable with Invisalign Teen. This orthodontic solution is specially designed for teenagers, as it takes into account the unique needs of young adults. While traditional orthodontics involves metal wires and brackets on the teeth that can make teens feel self-conscious about their smiles, Invisalign Teen is […]

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Teeth Whitening Options for a Dazzling, Bright Smile

Teeth whitening creates that sparkle and dazzle, and show teeth that appear clean and well maintained. Most people have the impression that white, bright teeth are clean and healthy, even if they’re not at their healthiest state. White teeth also give the image of youth. You simply appear stunning with gleaming white teeth, so take advantage […]

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Your Smile Makeover Speaks a Thousand Words

The need to look beautiful is an inherent human quality. Studies have shown that looking your best is a universal goal that manifests in different forms. You may want to transform your image with makeup, a new hairstyle, or a different outfit. You can also get a smile makeover from your dentist to complete your […]

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Six Month Smiles – Where Speed is the Name of the Game

Do you want to achieve straight teeth, fast and easy? If so, Six Month Smiles is for you. This orthodontic treatment greatly reduces treatment time, making it convenient and easy to get your teeth straightened. It’s very simple. You visit the dentist for an initial consultation, and then schedule a separate appointment for the placement […]

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Straightening your Teeth Invisibly with Invisalign

Orthodontic patients of the past would probably agree that metal wires and brackets on the teeth are uncomfortable and unappealing. Many former users of traditional braces are self conscious about their smiles during treatment, and would welcome a different approach to straightening the teeth. We, at Fairfield Smiles by Design, are happy to offer you […]

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